The Meditations of William of Saint-Thierry – About

Translated by a Religious of CSMV

‘The author, a Flemish noble and personal friend of Saint Bernard, was abbot of Saint-Thierry in the early part of the twelfth century. Of these meditations he himself said, “They are not altogether useless in training beginners in prayer.”

‘The work has best been described by M. Étienne Gilson: “William of Saint-Thierry has everything: power of thought, the orator’s eloquence, the poet’s lyricism, and all the attractiveness of the most ardent and tender piety.”

‘This English version, the first to be made, has all the readability and unforced simplicity which we have learnt to associate with the translator.’

The Meditations of William of Saint-Thierry can be downloaded gratis in a PDF edition.