Lent with Saint Bernard – About

A Translation by a Religious of CSMV

‘Eight hundred years ago Saint Bernard died. Lent with Saint Bernard contains the gist of a Lent course he gave at Clairvaux. It is a devotional commentary on Psalm 91, the psalm especially associated with our Lord’s temptations. Saint Bernard does not give milk for babes. His addresses are strong meat. They are typical of the best in the patristic tradition. Written for Religious, they make, in this admirable translation, a very satisfying study for priest and people. Here is a Lenten discipline which will enrich the mind and gladden the heart. If the language is at first unfamiliar, the context is in the authentic tradition of Christian piety. Incidentally, the book provides a first-rate introduction to the Christian Church’s use of the Psalter and to the Scriptural evidences of the mind of Christ.’

Lent with Saint Bernard—the first in the Fleur de Lys Series of Spiritual Classics—can be downloaded gratis in a PDF edition.