The Fleur de Lys Series of Spiritual Classics – About

What is the Fleur de Lys Series of Spiritual Classics, and where has it come from?

The answer lies in the first part of the twentieth century, in England. A. R. Mowbray & Co. (familiarly known as ‘Mowbrays’) were London publishers of Christian spiritual books. In the early 1950s, they began putting out short devotional works under the banner of ‘The Fleur de Lys Series of Spiritual Classics’. This series would run to 18 short books over the decade that followed.

The rich texts that they represent may never have come to light in latter times were it not for those other London publishers, The Saint Austin Press. In 2001, they selected seven titles (‘The Columba Series’) from Fleur de Lys to be reproduced photostatically, with illustrated covers. Thus, the benefit of these several books was renewed and extended. But undertaking our present project to digitize the full set’s 18 volumes first demanded research, inquiry, tracing and many months of patience to source them all.

The Fleur de Lys Series of Spiritual Classics is succinctly and well described in each book’s series listing, thus: ‘A paper bound series intended to make available at popular prices some of the shorter devotional works which have come down from past ages of the Christian Church.’


October 2016
Melbourne, Vic