Confused Era

‘C as in Christian and Christ!’

Did you know that the abbreviations CE and BCE mean Christian Era and Before Christian Era, respectively?

Those who thought that they would be smart and put words like ‘Common’ or ‘Current’ in the place of Christian got it badly wrong, duping much of the public in the process.

(Importantly, they forgot that no-one has a monopoly on the letter C.)

You see, this is the Christian Era. How so? Because history has not changed and Jesus the Nazarene is still true God—only the mindset of some powerful and influential social engineers, historical revisionists and marxist educationalists is different.

Therefore, until these people wake up to and rescind their unfortunate mistakes, in protest we will refer to this millennium onwards as the Confused Era, and to the earlier part as Before Confused Era.


18 CE, February
Melbourne, Vic